January 16, 2023

Trigger Data vs. Intent Data

Intent data has been around for a few years. Trigger data is a more recent trend. While intent data tells you which companies are searching for a solution like yours, trigger data even tells you that they need your solution before they start searching. In this blog post, we shed light on how you can use both data types to drive growth.

Intent data

Intent data is especially popular in the Account-Based Marketing (ABM) world. Over the last years, a growing number of intent data providers have emerged, with key players including companies like 6sense and Demandbase.

Intent data tells you which companies are looking for a solution like yours. Intent data providers look at internet browsing activity to understand which companies are searching for which types of products and spending time on websites in a specific product category.

This can be super valuable. If you know that a company is searching on Google for a solution like yours and visiting websites that talk about your product category, you know they are likely to buy from either you or one of your competitors.

You can then prioritize your marketing and sales outbound efforts on these companies that are already looking for a solution.

But what do you do when a company has a need for your solution but is not yet actively looking? That’s where trigger data comes into play.

Trigger data

Trigger data contains any piece of information that signal that a company needs your product or service.

This could be the fact they’re using a specific software, that they recently hired a new CMO, that they are planning to expand to APAC according to their financial report, or that they are planning to improve their employee’s happiness with better benefits according to an interview the CEO gave.

Which triggers signal willingness to buy for your product strongly differs depending on what you’re selling.

Triggers for a company can be found long before any intent data becomes visible. This is because some companies have a problem that your solution addresses but they don’t know yet that they have the problem.

And as they don’t know they have that problem, they are not searching for a solution yet. So no intent data is available for those companies - although they would be great customers for you!

Detect great customers before your competition does

With trigger data, you can find those companies that need your solution BEFORE they start looking.

Not only is this a great source for high-quality leads, you’re also the first one in the market talking to them!

Because they don’t know yet that they have the problem, they are likely not yet talking to your competition.

So you can be the first one and have an edge when it comes to closing the deal.

Leverage trigger & intent data for the best results

To make your revenue organization the most effective and efficient, it is usually useful to leverage both trigger data & intent data.

Trigger data helps you detect qualified leads that have a relevant pain but don’t know it yet. This gives you an unfair advantage to prioritize your top-of-funnel efforts.

Further down in the funnel, intent data helps your sales team with insights on which of the leads they are talking to are the hottest.

By combining trigger & intent data, you’re making sure your organization is using all the possible data & tools to succeed despite the current market conditions in 2023.