January 13, 2023

Introducing Trigger-Led Growth

Trigger-Led Growth (TLG) helps B2B sales and marketing teams reach the right people with the right message at the right time. 

In this article, you will learn why TLG is the next big thing in revenue generation, what TLG actually is, and how Creatext helps you put TLG into practice in your sales or marketing organization.

1) Why Trigger-Led Growth?

Thanks to data and machine learning, B2C customer acquisition is today more efficient than ever. Trigger-led growth is a chance for B2B teams to catch up with their B2C peers.

B2C customer acquisition has come a long way

In the past, B2C marketing was one-to-many communication. Millions of people received the same, generic message. Think TV ads and mass direct mail campaigns. 

Today, social media companies know exactly what their users like and what kinds of products they might be interested in. As a result, every user gets shown personalized ads. Marketers can show the right message to the right consumer at the right time.

This leads to benefits on the seller side (more personalized ads lead to lower costs per click) and on the buyer side (consumers learn about products they actually like).

B2B sales and marketing teams are still searching for the needle in the haystack

In B2B however, the story is different, at least today.

Sales and marketing teams are tapping in the dark. They don’t know which companies in the the ocean of potential customers would be the most interested in their solution nor how to persoalize their messaging for each of them.

Because they don’t know who is likely to buy, many revenue teams adopt a spray-and-pray approach, blasting out generic templates to huge lists of unqualified prospects.

We all know the results of that generic approach too well. On the seller side: Low reply rates, not enough meetings, missed quotas. On the buyer side: Tons of irrelevant, annoying emails polluting the inbox.

But there is a better way.

Enter trigger-led growth.

2) What is Trigger-Led Growth?

First, what is a trigger?

A trigger is any information that shows you that a company needs your product or service

For example, if you’re selling an employer-of-record solution that helps companies hire employees in countries where they don’t have a legal entity, the following information about a company might mean they could be a great fit for your solution:

  • The company is hiring in multiple countries
  • They have many remote roles listed on their website
  • The CEO mentioned in a newspaper interview that they are planning to expand to APAC next quarter
  • Their 10-K financial report mentions they have offices in 4 locations in 3 countries

All these pieces of information are triggers.

A company that matches the above characteristics (triggers) will be much more likely to buy the employer-of-record product than a company that doesn’t.

For every B2B product or service, there are specific triggers that A) make it more likely that a lead wants to buy and B) that can be used in the messaging to increase the purchase likelihood even more.

Trigger-led growth uses triggers to reach out to the right people with the right message at the right time

Trigger-led growth means finding triggers for each of your prospects and then using them to make your sales and marketing more effective and efficient.

For example, in the above example of the employer-of-record, you could reference the triggers you found in your outreach emails. This is what that might sound like: “Hi Sara, noticed in your 10-K report that you have offices in multiple countries. Many companies with offices in several countries benefit from our solution XYZ”.

But there are many more applications for TLG.

Outbound sales development teams can use triggers to:

  • Personalize the messaging of their emails
  • Prioritize prospects (you first reach out to those that match important triggers)
  • Personalize the wording of cold calls
  • Decide which of your 5 cadences a prospect should receive

Marketing teams can use triggers to:

  • Personalize the first sentence of outreach campaigns and newsletters to thousands of prospects in a matter of minutes
  • Personalize the wording of emails sent to inbound leads
  • Generate personalized landing pages and personalized ads for each prospect, referencing the trigger data

Account executives can use triggers to:

  • Show their leads they did their research
  • Inform their discovery
  • Customize their pitch

Customer success teams can use triggers to:

  • Reach out to your customers in the right moment to upsell (when a new trigger is found)
  • Prevent customers from churning

Benefits for sales reps, leadership, and buyers

TLG is good for everybody involved.

It’s good for sales reps:

  • Can focus on fewer highly-qualified prospects instead of doing spray-and-pray
  • Higher reply rates & less rejection
  • More quota achievement & higher bonus
  • Less stress and burnout

It’s good for sales leaders:

  • Lower customer acquisition costs
  • Easier scaling of sales

It’s good for buyers:

  • Less spam
  • Cleaner inbox
  • The few sales emails they get are about something they actually care about

3) How does Creatext help put Trigger-Led Growth into action?

Creatext searches the entire Internet for triggers about your prospects

For the past year, we have been building the world’s most advanced trigger search engine. It searches the entire Internet for information about prospects and companies. 

Today, we already support way over a hundred triggers, and we continuously add more! Check here for the complete list of currently supported triggers.

SDRs research their prospects and personalize their outreach with the Creatext Chrome extension

The Creatext Chrome extension makes it super easy to find relevant triggers about prospects. SDRs use them to send personalized emails and LinkedIn messages.

SDRs use the extension directly on LinkedIn and copy-paste the AI-generated snippets into their emails.

Marketing teams send personalized outreach campaigns

Want to re-activate old prospects and send 2,000 prospects a campaign but don’t want to spend 2,000 x 15 minutes = 500h personalizing the emails?

With Creatext, you can personalize those 2,000 emails in a few minutes. Just add a list of email addresses, Creatext then finds triggers and generates the first lines you can use in your campaigns. Quality and quantity combined!

Inbound teams personalize their automatic cadences with Creatext

Many teams send automated emails to their signups. But usually, these are generic templates.

With Creatext, you can customize what message a signup should receive, based on the triggers we found on the Internet. Completely automatic!

Your application for TLG?

The Creatext trigger engine can be used for all kinds of applications. Learn more about our offering here.

You want to make your revenue organization more effective and efficient using triggers but your use case is not mentioned above? Shoot us a message or schedule a call, we might be able to help.