January 17, 2023

How to get the most out of Creatext if you’re selling to HR

Creatext is optimized for booking meetings with HR leaders. In this article, you find out how to optimally set up Creatext to achieve this goal.

Install the Creatext Chrome Extension

First things first. The easiest way to use Creatext is directly on LinkedIn and in the Sales Navigator.

You can do so by installing the Creatext Chrome extension here.

Here’s a quick video on how the Chrome Extension works:

Activate HR-specific triggers

Great outreach is above all one thing: relevant. Depending on what your product exactly is, different triggers might be more relevant than others.

You can customize which HR triggers you want the AI to search for you. Just go to the “Your AI” tab in Creatext and tick the ones you like.

This is how that works:

Our recommendation is to activate, for example, the following triggers:

  • Hires remotely
  • Has offices in multiple countries
  • Has hybrid-remote work environment

Check out the entire list. There are many triggers specifically for selling to HR.

Customize the wording of your AI-generated sentences

If you want the AI-generated sentences to reflect your company’s own wording style, let’s talk! Our solution engineering team can fine-tune the AI so that every generated text snippet sounds just like you!

Want to learn more about this? Just schedule a 15-minute intro call here.