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Actionable insights

Our AI checks which of your emails lead to meetings and coaches you to optimize your outreach.

Words that work

Find out which wording resonates most with your target group right now.

How it works

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Connect your Gmail account(s)
Step 2
Our AI finds what works for you
Step 3
Get your actionable insights
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Our email outreach has become much more effective using Creatext - I finally have data to know what works!

Janina Schulzke

Senior Agency Partner
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Creatext helped us to improve our messaging further to get more replies and more meetings. Outbound messaging is an ongoing process, and it's important to look frequently over the best templates. Creatext automates this process for me.

Gerald Zankl

CEO & Co-Founder at Kickscale, Global Inside Sales Director at Bitmovin

I love that Creatext gives me super granular insights! Instead of just seeing how different templates perform, I can now compare individual sentences, for example calls to action.

Frederik Heise

Acccount Executive at HubSpot
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Understanding what top-performing SDRs do differently from the rest of the team is difficult. Why do they perform better than others? Creatext makes this super easy to understand - a must-have addition to the sales stack for every modern sales org!

Axel Debreilly

Business Operations Manager

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